The Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist will work under the guidance of the Project Coordinator and coordinate with relevant stakeholders including the Cabinet Secretariat office of the Government of Mongolia and the World Bank. The Consultant will be accountable for ensuring that the project will have in place an adequate M&E system that can provide accurate and timely information on the performance status of the project in a reporting format that is in accordance with the project, as required by Client and the World Bank.

Detailed tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist in designing detailed results frameworks (e.g., outcome indicators, logic model for monitoring and evaluation of the Smart Government project)
  • Provide support in the establishment of the M&E system for the project
  • Design overall M&E plans and timetables for Smart Government Project; assist Project coordinator in preparing operational frameworks;
  • Assist in designing M&E plans and Impact evaluation plan;
  • Assist in preparing the overall study design including the key research questions and areas to be explored in the regular evaluation of the Program activities (e.g., utilization of funds provided, training workshops conducted, etc);
  • Assist Project director and coordinator to procure goods and services to evaluate suppliers, review products for quality and finalize contracts;
  • Provide strong support in successful implementation of the project;
  • Participate in contract negotiations;
  • Work together with Client’s staff on determining sampling frames for studies;
  • Develop TORs, surveys and other documents. This includes the development of survey questionnaires, question guides, etc.;
  • Assist in data analysis on the Program outcomes;
  • Write reports and present findings to Project coordinator;
  • Assist Project director and coordinator in overseeing and tracking programmatic and financial progress on projects to ensure that activities are meeting their objectives and targets;
  • Assist Project coordinator in writing project summaries, progress reports and terms of references (TORs) for variety of audiences;
  • Analyze reports and studies from various organizations and actors and provide constructive feedback to improve the quality of the outcomes. Ensure quality control over outputs and outcomes delivered to the Client and World Bank;
  • Assist Project director and coordinator in problem solving on management issue;
  • Perform other duties and tasks related to M&E and other aspects of Project Implementation Unit activities as required by the Project director and coordinator.
  • Ensure implementation and compliance with the provisions of the legal agreements of the project and regulations provided   the Project Implementation Manual;
  • Carry out other actions necessary to facilitate the effective and timely implementation of the project.

Consultant’s qualifications/selection criteria:

The Consultant should have:

  • University degree in Information System, Economics, Legal or other related fields;
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in the field of monitoring, and evaluation;
  • Strong quantitative analytical skills combined with a solid understanding of qualitative research methodologies;
  • Knowledge of/experience with World Bank financed projects or other international organizations desirable;
  • Fluency in English and Mongolian (listening, reading, writing and speaking);
  • High integrity and accountability, good team work spirit.