Citizen feedback 11-11 center digitally transformed

Citizen feedback 11-11 center digitally transformed

Smart Government Project Implementation Unit, Sept 23, 2020 Ulaanbaatar.  The Government of Mongolia’s Citizen feedback 11-11 center has been digitally transformed by full-upgrading its e-system and hardware under the Smart Government Project, implemented by the Government of Mongolia and financed by the World Bank.

The Citizen feedback service will be integrated into e-Mongolia National Public Service Integrated System very soon.

How it made digital transformation?

✅ The number of channels to receive feedback is increased by 3 remote channels to totally 12 channels in order to meet the needs of digital society citizen.  ➡  All digital channels are available in addition to  getting the center by themselves and  phone calls.

✅  Regardless of digital channels, user friendly environment like face to face communication will be invited him/her. A citizen will be  proved by “DAN” SSO system ➡ Your feedback is verified on your name.

✅ Feedback resolving process will be tracked. ➡  You will not waiting the reply, you can see resolving process.

✅ Citizens will assess feedback resolving process ➡  You will assess public servants for more responsiveness.

✅ “Co-browsing” service is adopted. ➡ You can get advice, information, and guidance  from 11-11 center operator by seeing ” same screen”.

✅  BA ready database is generated  ➡ The Government listens as well as makes your comments and feedbacks in the decisions.

✅ Supporting items of feedbacks i.e. video, pictures and other proving items are attached


What are the channels?

✅ 🚶 Of course you can do face to face communication by getting the center. You can use kiosk machine at 11-11 center.

✅ 📞 Phone call? Yes, dial 11-11. You can leave voice messages during off-hours and weekends. SMS and fax are received.

✅ Digital Channels: web, web chat, mobile app,;

✅ Social media: facebook and twitter.