Open data portal: Mongolia

WWW.OPENDATA.GOV.MN Mongolia: Open data portal was launched on May 22, 2020 by the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia (CS) under the Smart Government Project, financed by the World Bank.


The Cabinet Secretariat highlights open data as “Data for Development” .


So far the Open Data Portal published 37 datasets from 6 ministries’ including ministries of Finance; Road and Transportation Development; Food, Agriculture and Light Industry; Health; Social Welfare and Labor; Education, Culture and Science, with JSON, XML, XLXS, CSV formats.


Officials from those ministries will post and update data regularly. Under the project the officials have learnt skills to publishing data in the portal and open data publisher handbook was provided.


This is only launch of the Mongolia: Open Data Portal, other government ministries and agencies will join the portal.


Mongolia: Open Data Portal used CKAN open source data platform. CKAN is also used by US, Australia and Canada open data portal. CKAN is a data management system that makes data accessible – by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data.


Project Implementation Unit, Smart Government Project, May 22, 2020.