Reference on property ownership within 30 seconds

The Smart Government Project has successfully implemented e-Property Right Registration component. As a result service on references on Property Ownership verification are withdrawn from TUTS kiosk machine within  30 seconds.

[Image1] Title:  e-Property Right Registration system operation is available for utilization across Mongolia 

The Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia has been implementing the Smart Government Project, financed by the World Bank since 2015 to use ICT to improve accessibility, transparency and efficiency of public services in Mongolia. Within the scope of the the project component, e-Property right registration, the following activities had been done.

  • Enhancement of e-Property right registration system server capacity and central storage;
  • e-Property right registration system update;
  • VPN implementation in 13 aimags;
  • Facilities for digitization services in 13 aimags;
  • Digitization of archival documents of Property right registration of 13 aimags.

Outcomes of e-Property Right Registration system utilization across Mongolia:

  • e-Property Right Registration across Mongolia;
  • Reference on Property Right Ownership from all areas in Mongolia;
  • Reduced duration of property registration services including reference on property ownership verification, release of collateral, and other termination services is 30 second, declined from 3 days.;
  • Unified electronic database of registration for immovable property and land ownership rights registration;
  • Proper registration without duplicated registration for property;

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