Upgraded citizen feedback system is integrated into e-Mongolia.mn Public service e-single window

Upgraded citizen feedback  11-11 center system is integrated into e-Mongolia.mn public service e-single window

Smart Government Project Implementation Unit, Sept 18, 2020 Ulaanbaatar. Meeting on integration of  citizen feedback e-service to e-Mongolia.mn was held  on Sept 17, 2020.

Citizen feedback system and its infrastructure has been fully upgraded to meet digital society under the Smart Government Project, implemented by the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia and financed by the World Bank. It will be in use very soon.

As a result, Citizen feedback will be:

 feedback received by any digital channels of digital society i.e. web chat, website, mobile app, sms, email, facebook, twitter, voice email, kiosk in an environment like getting the center or writing letter ;
 resolving process will be tracked by the complainant; .
 government responsiveness will be improved by citizens’ assessment to resolved and replied feedback;
  citizen feedback take place in government resolutions by building BA digital database.