Smart Government Project: Environmental Management Plan

Smart Government Project Implementation Unit, Feb 19, 2021,

The Government of Mongolia has been implementing Smart Government Project, financed with the World Bank.

The Project development objective is to use ICT to improve accessibility, transparency and efficiency of public services in Mongolia. Project components are delivering public digital services, strengthening  technical capacity, improving statistical data production capacity, developing open data and data recovery center.

The Smart Government Project is implemented by the Government of Mongolia financed with IDA credit. Under the Project, Disaster Recovery Center of National Data Center (DRC) is being implemented at the Post and communication Building (particular part of the building)in Darkhan soum, Darkhan province.

Environmental management plan (EMP) has been prepared in order to eliminate adverse environmental risks and impacts based on conducting study of DRC environmental impacts. EMP includes the needed measures and actions by implementing agency and its cost.

EMP is introduced to local citizens for public consultation and feedbacks.

Environmental management plan | монгол хувилбар | English version 

Feedback form  | монгол хувилбар  | English version 

Deadline to submit feedback: March 9, 2021

Address to submit feedback: 

Postal address: Smart Government Project Implementation unit, Government building 2-B #3030, UN street 1/5, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


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